Registration for D-CTF 2020 is now open!

You are invited to register for the 10th edition of DefCamp Capture The Flag, one of the most shattering and rebellious security CTF competitions in Central Eastern Europe.

The most skilled hackers and IT geeks put their knowledge to the test and compete with the best CFT teams from all over the world to get in the top 10 and go on to win the overall D-CTF competition - or “die” trying.

There’s one important rule though: hack before getting hacked!

Why should you register?

Because D-CTF is probably the most effective way for you to challenge your offensive security skills.

If endurance, skill, and strategy were the only classifications required for an activity to be considered sport, competitive hacking could be the newest "sport" gaining popularity.

All exercises are challenging, unique, and include real life scenarios inspired from the latest threats in fields such as: AI & Machine Learning, Cyber War, Cryptography, Steganography, Web Security, Network Security, Data Forensics, Reverse Engineering, Blockchain, Exploitation, Incident Response, and many more.


Challenges go better with prizes, isn't that right? We have a wide variety of prizes - cumulated representing 7500+ euro - depending on your activity during the competition.
Main prizes
We value excellence and we reward the top as follows:
  • First place: 2,048 euro
  • Second place: 1,536 euro
  • 3rd place: 1,024 euro
  • 4-10th places: 137 euro each
Popularity prizes:
  • Best writeup (3 prizes) - because it’s important to encourage documentation of findings in our daily jobs and all of you who manage to do this in a very structured manner deserve a prize!
    -> How much? 512 euro each (only for top 50, write-up document should contain solutions for all challenges)
  • Lucky Newcomer (3 prizes) - because the world needs more defenders and all noobs should get involved and work hard to reach flags.
    -> How much? 137 euro each for 3 lucky players that solved only warm-up/entry level challenges
  • Lucky Next Star (3 prizes) - because the next generation of ethical hackers are very important for what the future has stored for us.
    -> How much? 137 euro each for 3 lucky players that solved at least 2 challenges that are not warm-up/entry level
Yes, your count is correct! There are 19 chances to win money this year at DefCamp Capture the Flag! Are you ready to hack’n roll?
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